Sceptre of Religion.

Cogan Agama

Sceptre of Religion

The Sceptre of Religion (Cogan Agama) is made of gold, betel leaf-shaped and symbolises local history. It is shaped like a pepper which was at the heart of Johor’s economy at that time. The Sceptre is 0.6-metre long (2 feet) measured at the widest area and is placed on a silver cane measuring 1.8 metres (6 feet). The middle face of the sceptre spells the word “Allah” and “Muhammad” in Jawi (Arabic script).  Under the word “Muhammad”, which is also written in Jawi are the words “Unto Allah Resigned”. Gambier and pepper carvings surround the sceptre. The carved symbol of the crown, crescent moon and stars represent the sovereignty of the Sultan.