Crown & Diadem.

 Mahkota-Kerajaan Mahkota-Permaisuri

Crown & Diadem

The State Crown is made out of gold and silver embedded with precious stones of different shapes and sizes. Amongst the jewels are six large diamonds, three red ruby gems, four large emeralds and four large blue sapphires. The frame itself contains 1450 small diamonds. The crescent and star are encrusted with many small glittering diamonds. The Crown was designed by the late Sultan Abu Bakar in 1886 and made by the jeweller J.W. Benson in London.

The Diadem is smaller than the Crown and was designed for the Royal Consort. In 1925, Sultan Ibrahim consented to modifying and enhancing the Diadem by adding five large diamonds, each weighing roughly 18 carats. The Sultan also added a necklace containing 671 diamonds and a tiara made of white gold and encrusted with diamonds to the regalia.

The Crown and Diadem are only used in two ceremonies under the decree of the Sultan which are:

  1. At the coronation ceremony where the Mufti places the Crown on the heads of the Sultan and Consort respectively accompanied by a prayer.
  2. The Crown is placed by the heir to the throne on the royal coffin during the lying-in-state to pay the last respects prior to the burial of late ruler.