Orders of Chivalry

Sultan Abu Bakar comissioned two Orders of Chivalry in 1886 for two reasons. Firstly, he was of the opinion that the English had their own agenda when bestowing the Malay Rulers with honorific Orders – they ultimately wanted to colonise the Malay states. Secondly, he wanted to acknowledge the people who had participated and assisted in developing Johor.

With the creation of the two Orders, Johor became the first of the Malay States to bestow such Orders. The move was followed by other states 30 years later. This was one of Sultan Abu Bakar’s innovations in modernising Johor.

The Most Esteemed Royal Family Order

The Most Esteemed Johor Royal Family Order is first introduced on 31 July 1886. Divided into two classes – D.K I (First Class) and D.K II (Second Class). The motto for this Order is “Concord is a Blessing”. This Order does not carry any title, and only awarded to family members, Malay Rulers and the country’s statesmen.

The Royal Family Order (First Class) comprises a collar made from gold and enamel in the form of a chain, joined together with the name “Abu Bakar” in Jawi (Arabic script), with the Standard of the Sultan on its right and State Flag (the emblem of the state government) on its left side. On top was the State Crown and written beneath it in Jawi is the motto “Concord is a Blessing”. The order comes with a breast badge made from gold and silver in the form of a nine-pointed star, with a diameter of 90mm, and a crescent in its centre inscribed in Jawi, “Unto Allah Resigned”. Above it is an image of a sword crossed with a kris, carrying the crown, encircled with red enamel inscribed with “Concord is a Blessing”.

A sash badge measuring 56mm in diameter of a nine-pointed star with a yellow ribbon 50mm wide, and a sash in yellow 86mm wide, completes this Order.


The Royal Family Order (First Class)

The Royal Family Order (Second Class) comprises a big seven-pointed star, measuring 78mm in diameter, with its centre similar to that of the First Class order. It also has a neck badge and a tape cloth in golden yellow measuring 50mm wide.


The Royal Family Order (Second Class)

The Most Honorable Order of the Crown of Johor

The Most Honorable Order of the Crown of Johor was created on 31 July 1886 (29 Syawal 1303 Hijrah) with the motto “Unto Allah Resigned”. The motto signifies the intention of Sultan Abu Bakar to place the importance of an Islamic teaching that asks its followers to engage in any work that they do sincerely for God’s blessings.

The Most Honorable Order of the Crown of Johor has three classes. The first class is the Dato’ Sri Paduka Mahkota Johor (S.P.M.J) or the Grand Commander. It consists of a collar in the form of a chain made from gold and enamel. On the chain there are six motifs of crescent and star, inscribed in Jawi the names of the companions of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. , Abu Bakar, Umar, Uthman and Ali. The front device is inscribed with the name of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. on both right and left sides in Jawi, crossed with Sceptre of Religion on the left and Sceptre of the Universe on the right, and flanked by two tigers. The top part is covered with the motif of a crown, beneath which is inscribed the motto “Unto Allah Resigned”. This message clearly shows the late Sultan Abu Bakar’s faith in his belief in Islam.

In addition, a breast badge measuring 90mm, made from silver, in the form of five fingers of flame, as well as a golden crescent and a star among the motifs. Inscribed in the centre is the name of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. in Jawi. Beneath it is the crown encircled in blue enamel, with the inscription “Unto Allah Resigned” in Jawi.

There is also a sash badge made from silver, with five-pointed star, measuring 58mm in diameter. The sash in yellow with a central blue stripe, measuring 86mm, completes this Order.

The Most Honorable Order of the Crown of Johor Darjah (Second Class) carries the title Dato’ Paduka Mahkota Johor (D.P.M.J) (Commander). It is in a similar form of the collar of the first class, but the crescent and star is from silver. It has a neck badge measuring 58mm in diameter and a yellow ribbon with blue stripe in the middle, measuring 50mm wide.

The Most Honorable Order of the Crown of Johor (Third Class), also known as Setia Mahkota Johor (S.M.J) (Companion) consists of a breast badge with a yellow ribbon with a blue stripe in the middle, measuring 38mm wide. There is no title for the recipient of this Class.


The Most Honorable Order of the Crown of Johor (First Level) (S.P.M.J.) (Grand Commander)


The Most Honorable Order of the Crown of Johor Darjah (Second Level) (D.P.M.J) (Commander)


The Most Honorable Order of the Crown of Johor (Third Level) (S.M.J) (Companion)

the Most Honorable Order of Sultan Ismail

On 28 October 1974, the late Sultan Ismail created The Most Honorable Order of Sultan Ismail with the motto “Loyalty and Obedience”. This Order has three classes. The first class, Dato’ Sri Setia Sultan Ismail (S.S.I.J), carries the title Dato’ (and Datin Paduka for female recipient). The second class is Dato’ Setia Sultan Ismail which carries the title Dato’ (and Datin Paduka for female recipient), and the third level is the Star of Sultan Ismail (B.S.I) which does not carry a title.


The Most Blessed Order of Sultan Ismail (First Level), Dato’ Sri Setia Sultan Ismail (S.S.I.J)


The Most Blessed Star Order of Sultan Ismail (D.S.I.J)


The Star of Sultan Ismail (Gold & Silver)


Sultan Abu Bakar Medal

This was the first medal created in a Malay State in 1883 and awarded to selected individuals. Originally, this medal was bestowed in conjunction with the installation of Maharaja Abu Bakar. It was later awarded to family members and statesmen of Johor. This medal is no longer awarded.


Sultan Abu Bakar Medal

Iron Medal of Valor

This medal was awarded to those who had bravely contributed their service to the government, carrying out duties that risks to their lives. This medal was created in 1894, and it has two categories. Iron Medal of Valor (First Class) is made from enamel and awarded in acknowledging one’s valour. This medal was specifically for those who are in government administration, volunteers, navy, police and prison officers.

The Iron Medal of Valor (Second Class) is made from bronze and awarded to individual for his bravery in saving lives or the like. This medal could be awarded to civilians. Both medals are the equivalent of the English Iron Cross for Valour.


Iron Medal I (P.B I) and Iron Medal II (P.B II)

Long Service Medal (P.J.P)

First created in 1886, this medal is awarded to officers and the members of the Johor Military Forces and Johor Volunteer Forces for their outstanding and long service.


Long Service Medal (P.J.P)

Long Service Medal (P.L.P)

This medal is awarded to the officers of Johor government who had served for more than 25 years with excellence, loyalty and integrity to the Johor government. This medal was first awarded in 1886 and is still being awarded until today.


Long Service Medal (P.L.P)

Ibrahim Sultan Medal (P.I.S)

Created on 17 September 1925, in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of Sultan Ibrahim’s reign in Johor, this medal has three classes. Ibrahim Sultan Medal First Class (P.I.S.I) is made from gold and reserved especially for royal family members and statesmen.

The Ibrahim Sultan Medal Second Class (P.I.S.II) is made from silver and awarded to the officers, staff and the public who had excellently served for more than 20 years in Johor government with loyalty, integrity and excellence.

The Ibrahim Sultan Medal Third Class (P.I.S. III) is made from bronze and awarded to the support staff that had served the Johor government with loyalty, excellence and integrity for more than 17 years.

The rules of attaching the acronym of the awards after the recipient’s name, by which the letters “P.I.S.” is written after his name, is reserved for the recipient of the first or second class of the medal.


Ibrahim Sultan Medal (P.I.S. I) First Class (Gold)

Pingat Ibrahim Sultan (P.I.S II)

Ibrahim Sultan Medal (P.I.S. II) Second Class (Silver)

Pingat Ibrahim Sultan (P.I.S III)

Ibrahim Sultan Medal (P.I.S. III) Third Class (Bronze)